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Welcome guest! the effects of viagra on young men ( log in | register ) marcilan maxillofacial radiology cone beam ct interactive learning and navigation search main menu skip to primary content skip to secondary content home cbct basics anatomy mpr planar sectional limited fov assessment correlation test structure identification test pathology cysts dentigerous cyst lateral periodontal cyst simple bone cyst benign tumors ameloblastoma keratocystic odontogenic tumor basal cell nevus syndrome calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor odontoma osteoma inflammatory lesions of the teeth and jaws bone diseases manifested in jaws fibrous dysplasia florid osseous dysplasia cemento-ossifying fibroma central giant cell granuloma aneurysmal bone cyst guided navigation interactive anatomy 3d rendering techniques 2d guided navigation volume rendering fly through support forums glossary site map faq contact us about post navigation ← older posts how to get higher resolution radiographs in dexis platinum sensor posted on july 21, 2012 by wisam al-rawi reply dexis platinum sensor offers practitioners two modes to capture radiographs: high resolution mode which captures radiographs at 0. viagra sayings quotes 5 mega pixels (846 x 662) and the ultra resolution which captures at 2. generic viagra online 0 mega pixels (1692 x 1324). By default the software is setup to capture at 0. 5 which limits the resolution of the sensor to about 12 lp/mm (line pairs per mm). viagra no prescription Switching the settings to 2. the effects of viagra on young men 0 mega pixels can give you higher resolution radiographs with approx. viagra canada online 18 (lp/mm) resolution. canada pharmacy online viagra This allows structures to appear crisp and overall easier visualization of structures when zooming. If you are doing endodontic work and you prefer to have better visualization of the tip of your endodontic file then the higher resolution will give you better radiographs. Other diagnostic procedures might benefit as well. Continue reading → posted in digital radiography | tagged detector, dexis, digital radiography, intraoral, platinum, sensor | leave a reply exporting from maya to ibooks author posted on july 9, 2012 by wisam al-rawi reply in this video tutorial we’ll see the steps on how to export a 3d model from maya to display it inside a book on the ipad. Getting the exporter model to work was a bit tricky but it finally did. viagra no prescription fastest shipping us We used a dentsply xcp ora film holder as an example to demonstrate poly counts, textures, and light setup as part of the upcoming oral radiology interactive textbook for the ipad. buy viagra cheap Feel free to drop. how to buy viagra in uk over the counter Date Created: Thu Mar 17 16:57:10 2011